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Welcome to LiquiSun. We are a professional supplier of chemical based tanning solutions, delivering high quality and efficient products at exceptional service levels. Tanning has become a widely popular concept Ė thereís just something about that dark toned look that is attractive to people. To cater to these very people, we deliver Melanotan tanning solution.

Our tanning solution, Melanotan 2 is a widely renowned solution that stimulates the bodyís tanning abilities which then allows you to tan with minimal sunlight and avoid harmful tanning hours in the sun bed, under the sun or the not so long lasting Spray Tans. However, we are aware you need a trusted supplier of Melanotan 2 and nothing less than authentic and reliable will suffice. LuiqiSuns main aim is to be a leading supplier of high quality chemical based tanning solutions that are efficient and reliable, thereby making us an efficient and reliable name in the industry.

About Melanotan 2
The weather outside is dry, rainy and stale. But you donít have to worry about that we have just the thing for you that will leave you looking like you just stepped of the tarmac from your holiday at a beach somewhere exotic. The answer is Melanotan, if you havenít as yet heard of it, thatís not a problem Ė We are here to answer all those questions for you.
What you need to know is that you will always look like a bronze god!
Melanotan increases your bodyís ability to respond quickly to its natural tanning process, thatís right no need to go to a tanning spa or sit out in the sun with all that harmful UV for hours to get the right tan. Our mantra is, avoid that and get Melano- taned!
Stimulating your bodyís tanning response, youíll end up looking refreshed and wonít believe the looks you get while walking down the high street.
We offer a complete set for regular use along with useful information you can read through to get more acquainted. Of course our first and foremost concern is for your well-being. Improve on your looks today!

Unsure whether Melanotan 2 is for you? Still Unsure feel free to contact us with any question regarding dosage and administration  and we will advise you on every possible step you require.

How to administer Melanotan 2
To correctly use Melanotan please follow these guide lines.

Mixing Solution
Remove the flip cap from the surface of the vial, wipe it gently with enclosed pre injection swab.
Position the water ampule with the blue dot facing towards you, push firmly against the top part of the water ampoule to break the neck and expose the water.
Remove a syringe from its packaging and insert it into the water ampule.
Withdraw 100 units or 1ml of water out of the vial and  then insert the needle into the middle of the rubber stopper of the Melanotan 2 vial. Completely empty the full amount into the vial.
Slowly rotate the solution until the entire compound is absorbed into the water, but at no point should you shake it.
Administering the Right Dosage
Take a new syringe, pull back on the syringe to load air into the vial so to create air pressure.
Withdraw around 10 units (0.1ml ) of Melanotan 2 mix in the syringe.
Find a fleshy area of your body, around the belly section, the area of skin that you use should be cleaned with a pre injection swab. Gently pinch a thin fold of skin at the injection site. The injection will be painless providing the pinched skin is kept thin.

Insert the needle into the skin at an angle of 45 degrees.
For dosing, you only need to use Melanotan on alternating days for around 2 weeks until your system has developed with it, after that one dose per week is sufficient. For fast and impressive results, use sunbeds every few days. Melanotan should be kept cool once it has been reconstituted.
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